DAVID BACHER, engagement photographer . Paris, France

engagement photography sessions in Paris

This is an example of one of my recent engagement photography sessions in Paris. This beautiful couple from Los Angeles, California contacted me to photograph them on the streets of Paris. They wanted modern photos of themselves with a bit of vintage mixed in.

As a photojournalist I always enjoy trying to create clean portraits of people that also capture the style and energy of Paris in the background. They are often the spontaneous moments that happen while walking that give the images a true Parisian feel. In this series one example is the image of the couple walking down a covered arcade as two little kids watch what is going on.

I am a professional photographer based near Paris. In addition to my engagement and wedding photography I also work for an array of various international magazines. Documentary projects have taken me as far north as the artic circle where I have spent time with the Sami reindeer herders. I have also had the opportunity to photograph the Chanel ateliers in Paris. These kinds of documentary and fashion experiences fuse together in my photo shoots on the streets of Paris. Feel free to have a glance at this series and don’t hesitate to view more examples of my work on my website.

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